Sylvia Rocha

Regional Director – Rural Programs

Since 2018

Sylvia Rocha is the new Program Manager for the La Junta Literacy Project.  Sylvia has an extensive professional background in social service, mental health, and education fields.  She has worked with multiple age groups of diversified populations; with disabilities, LGBTQ, HIV/AIDS positive, migrants, refugees, and immigrants.  Sylvia grew up in Northeastern Colorado but she moved her family to the valley in 2012. She has two teenage sons in Cheraw High/Middle School and one adult daughter in Greeley.  Sylvia feels a  strong kinship with this project because as a child she had a few strikes against her; she was a migrant farmworker who’s family moved around a lot, she was held back in the first grade, and reading/homework were not a priority at home since work had to come first.  As a result she struggled academically. Those were hard times and she relates “I truly believe it was my newfound love for reading and the mentorship that I received from caring educators that helped shape who I am today.  I am very excited to begin working with CLC because it combines both of these elements for success; reading and mentors.  To this day, I love to read!”  Sylvia earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Criminology from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.